CacaoShares Activity Report

We would like to thank the Chocolate community for continuously supporting our CacaoShares movement.

After our first succesful crowdfunding for the Christmas presents at Patanemo “Un Regalo en Navidad” we went back to the drawing board and envisioned what has now become our new website and will become a new business approach

Cacaoshares has become a hub for projects related to venezuelan Fair Trade, reforestation and preservation of Theobroma Cacao. In April 2021, we launched and completed succesfully a campaign to fund the Diploma of Cacao and Chocolate of the Venezuelan Central University, for the first time, in the Fields of Patanemo

The Diploma program was tailored to the needs and schedule of 30 smallscale farmers from Patanemo Venezuela and for 5 non-consecutive weekends participants engaged with academic staff into a modular diploma that has never before been delivered off-campus. The teachers were travelling to Patanemo to conduct their lectures. It started with a grand event on July 9 at the Municipal Theater of Puerto Cabello and it is schedued to be completed by the end of September 2021

It has been reported from the field that the participants have learned to stabilize their post harvesting techniques, have also mastered quality assesment. Some of the growers even tried making bean to bar chocolate using their beans for the first time ever

Now, what about Cacao Trading and Chocolate business?

We have established new lines of collaboration in the USA and Japan.

In Japan, a Patanemo 100% Cacao Chocolate bar made by Chef Koji Tsuchiya received the prestigious award fron The UK Academy of Chocolate

Academy of Chocolate 2021 Awards comment

In USA, several Chocolate makers are already creating chocolates that feature Cacao from Patanemo and we hope more and more chocolate lovers in North America will get to appreciate our Cacao from Venezuela

A pleasant surprise came from the colleagues of Pildoras UX in Spain whom we met a few months before. The collaboration with pildoras UX was encouraged by our advisor Flavio Amiel. Together we embraced the concept of revitalizing tree manager. Gema Gutierrez, their executive director, together with Naile Vasquez worked with Alejandro, Angelica and Fares to bring up a fully addreseable MVP and prototype of the CacaoShares app

What Happens to Tree Manager and the Crypto?

We continue private sales and presentations continue vigorously. In Japan as well as in other important markets

A large project goal such as making a 1 million trees Forest was fragmented into actionable micro projects. These microprojects will fund our activities and the sponsors may receive rewards via the CacaoShares app

As we safekeep the majority of CacaoShares Token until the sponsors of the Cacao Forest get the chance to start accruing rewards

Patanemo project: Exporters have expressed interest in receiving CacaoShares as bridge financing for their farm-gate transactions at the same time we released a campaign to help mitigate erosion in the mountain near the cacaotales

What’s in for the Future of CacaoShares

Recently we received news from Venezuela about a new variety of Strong Criollo that is under research by academics and business partners

The time to act and reverse Climate Change is right now. Reforestation is the number 1 strategy to mitigate Climate Change. If we could nurture Cacao Agroforestry and do our part to preserve rare Cacao varieties while contributing to capture excess carbon then our project will be fulfilled