Our website has been launched

It is a great day for Cacao Shares, as our website goes live, our ideas will spread and we will seek more teamwork and collaborators to make the best Cacao in the world a base for commerce and interchange.

Since its inception, Cacao Shares has been an imaginative project, defying time constraints and all sort of challenges everyday thousands of chocolate lovers in Japan enjoy the King of Cacaos, the Venezuelan bean.

Our value proposition is to nurture this relationship between nature and their lovers by giving options of ownership over Cacao trees. At the same time we will be creating an asset that holds intrinsic value and even appreciates over time

we welcome you to browse our FAQ and ask questions and make comments. If you want to join our team or discuss possible collaborations feel free to drop a line to [email protected]


Jose Alejandro Patino
Cacao Shares,
Pattern Rank LTD