Update on Cacaoshares February 2019

January marked the beginning of our field operations. (Videos at the bottom)

We have been working extensively into deploying the first Cacao trees in Venezuela and start testing the traceability technology

During our first site visit we were able to assess the status of the Cacao suppy chain in Venezuela, at the same time we had multi-sector meetings with Academics, private entities and the local authorities, we even had the privilege to get closer to the Venezuelan indigenous tribes, The Bari, growing Cacao near the border with Colombia, in The Sierra de Perijá area

All of the above exceeded our expectations

In line with the this we would like to share our achievements and make announcements of the next steps for our project:


  • Token Sale is ON HOLD until further notice
  • Existing CcS tokens are made transfer ready, released for p2p wallet to wallet transactions. This means that those holding Token can transfer it freely, any amount, any time
  • We are being reviewed for listing at 2 major exchanges. soon we shall know the decision

Our achievements and until today:

  • We have applied for a USA patent to our traceability technology
  • Trademark is already registered
  • We Signed MOU with 2 large scale Venezuela Cacao growers to implement our traceability and plantation management into their units
  • The first 200 existing Cacao Trees have been tagged using tree Manager and we have made a promise to increase to 5000 before the year ends

Some Videos featuring our first technical visit:

Sensor on seedling 1

Sensor on seedling 2

Sensor on Cacao Criollo Porcelana tree  6 y/o

A walk on our Seedlings bank

Aerial footage of The Porcelana Forest