Updates on CacaoShares Token, October 2018

6 Months have passed since our Utility Token went into the Blockchain

The achievements we have so far are:

  • We have established a pipeline of negotiations with private Investors and we have agreed a date for releasing the Token for sale as “early bird”, soon to be announced
  • The Tree Manager App has been further developed and there is a version for iOS
  • We have signed agreements with major Cacao Growers and started surveying lands suitable for Cacao growing in Venezuela. We have made consultations into other Cacao growing nations as well
  • There is a revised version of our whitepaper with substantial improvements to the Token model and ecosystem, while preserving the core original concept of Cacao Shares Fundraise
  • Our Social Responsibility team has sponsored trial visits to the genetics lab in Miranda State Venezuela with students from the graduate class on Cacao from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV )
  • We are in the process of formation of a NGO that will be the charity arm of CacaoShares
  • The CcS Token has been listed among the default Token of the Trezor hardware wallet

We are happy to hear your comments, please contact our concierge at the left side of this website


The CacaoShares Team