Tree Manager

IoT Smart Garden - Smart Forest

What is the Tree Manager

  • It is a Mobile App for Smart Green Spaces

  • Tree Manager enables Green areas to interact with the community, its managers and with visitors

  • Patent pending Technology

  • Connected to the Cloud via an app

What are the features

  • Manage Tree Data, location and Germination Date

  • For Agriculture or Urban agriculture: Yield Management  Flower count, Fruit count

  • Manage maintenance Pruning, fumigation

  • IoT interaction with visitors such as trivia, rally, puzzles and much more

Who Can use it

  • Smart City Planners

  • Urban Farmers of any scale

  • Managers of Green areas

  • Consumers who want to know more about their green spaces and interact with the local areas

The True Tree Smart City

By using Tree Manager and a SmartPhone and installing special NFC tags on the assets of the Garden it is possible to:

Offer Smart Interaction with the green spaces. Ease Certification. Obtain Sophisticated management reports 

Diagnose and mitigate plague damage, disease

Add value to your Property. Smart Cities improve quality of lif

Provide end-to-end traceability to urban farms