Helping Cacao Preservation

Direct Trade

Our community aims to curate and provide funding for projects related to preservation of Theobroma Cacao

CacaoShares is a movement that started in Japan with the goal of planting 1 million trees in Venezuela

Soon other Cacao entrepreneurs too will be invited to list their projects with us

CacaoShares created in 2017 The first and only Cacao ERC20 Token and have grown into a Social Impact initiative.

Having completed 2 successful Crowdfunding campaigns in Japan we pursue Finance to close the gap in Fair Cacao Trading with Venezuela

Now we aim at launching our own platform with several micro projects

CacaoShares has a project and business plan to create a traceability platform for Agroforestry Systems.

Investment proposals are available upon request, Obtain a free copy of our whitepaper


CacaoShares Traction


CacaoShares Signed an MOU with Venezuelan growers from Patanemo Village in Central Venezuela

Patanemo grows an exotic specialty Cacao next to San Esteban National Park

Using organic methods and nurturing wild trees found in the mountain range coming from Western Venezuela it is a Cacao that inherits attributes from the ancestral Criollos of the Ancon de Maruma, the origin of Theobroma Cacao, in Venezuela

We are Developing 51 Ha in The Primavera Cluster, productive unit La Ceiba and offering investment in the area to upgrade  the Agroforestry system

Social Development

Cacao is a crop that nurtures forests and communities, Cacao relies little on automation and needs caregivers look after them

Our team Completed successfully 2 Crowdfunding in Japan for micro projects

    • Cacao Training for Patanemo village: Certified by the University of Central Venezuela. 130 supporters in Japan took part in sponsoring an educational program for 30 smallscale growers and community leaders in Patanemo village

    • Un Regalo en Navidad: 26 Supporters from Japan bought bean to bar chocolates made with Patanemo Cacao to help our annual gift giving campaign in Patanemo Village


Aromatic Cacao is an essential product for Fine Chocolatiers, however closing the gap from Farmgate to Markets requires intense capitalization 

We Created CacaoShares Token and Smartcontracts in Ethereum (ERC20) to enable international buyers holding of an actionable digital asset for their  Cacao purchases

We also run several crowdfunding campaigns to support the economic activities of our small scale growers and partners

The supply chain of Cacao from Venezuela to the International markets is complex and requires committed partners and value adding links 

We consistently imported to Japan a Promotional Lot of highly traceable, Fairly traded Cacao from Patanemo Venezuela

We look to replicate the success of Patanemo as a model promotional lot to supply quality Cacao that is financed using modern methods

International Trade


We believe that tree census is the base of appropriate traceability

In 2017 we applied for Patent of The Tree Tag device. A special radio tag that allows identifying trees  and tagging to the blockchain open ledger

We have collaborated with UX designers to make a mobile app that will enable and empower consumers and industrial users to access better Cacao  and look after their investments, pursue philanthropy

Acquired the  domain name カカオ.jp ( the word cacao in Japanese language)

Several Chocolatiers have adopted  Cacao from Patanemo to produce bean to bar chocolates in Japan

Cacao from Our farms has been widely praised in Japan and The USA coming from a little known origin such as Patanemo 

We have curated a service culture that nurtures the values and expectations of Japanese customers 

For Small-scale growers who want to access international markets we offer a complete suite of Technology, Financing and Market Access


Main Team members

Alejandro Patino – CEO

Serial entrepreneur and Founder 

Alejandro is responsible for the project formulation and forest preservation initiatives

Fares Akel – CTO

Blockchain engineer with interests in Agroforestry

Fares is an experienced blockchain developer, he is responsible for the smart contracts and the tree manager app

Angelica Pavani – COO

Experienced Cacao Quality assessor and exporter, Leader at Patanemo Village 

Angelica is the leader of operations, including farming, exports and social responsibility

Patanemo Social Development with Cacao Using Cacao exports as driver for development