Chocolate Bean to Bar #009

Own a piece of Chocolate history

The world's first NFT Bean to Bar  Chocolate. A soulbound NFT token collection are going to be minted one by one and available progressively 

Name of the Digital art: Lady Cacao

Artist: Meru  (2019)

oil on Canvas

This is a chance to help others while being part of an innovation. B4T NFT Connection comes from the 1 Bar for 1 Tree campaign by Cacao Shares. Each NFT Token sale will enable us to continue conservation efforts for exotic Cacaos

If you want to know more about Cacaoshare's Vision our whitepaper is available for download

From the total limited edition bars, a few will become an NFT Chocolate Collection bars number 10 to 1 

The campaign will feature for the first time NFT (Non fungible Token) pegged to chocolate.  

From the total Limited Edition bean to bar chocolates. Only 10 NFT will be minted for the campaign making it an even more exclusive event and pegged to chocolate bars 1 ~10

Each NFT bean to bar chocolate will be bundled with a unique work of digital art by CacaoShares

We will be sharing the information in our official SNS channel @cacaoshares one NFT will be minted and posted for sale, one after the other is sold 

The proceeds from the sales of the NFT Tokens will fund the agricultural and social activities of CacaoShares in Patanemo, central Venezuela

[caption id="attachment_7926" align="aligncenter" width="580"] NFT chocolate, world's first: First Social Business NFT by Cacaoshares[/caption]

NFTs are digital assets that are soulbound to a creation, in this case numbered limited edition chocolate bars. Once an NFT is minted it will have your name written into the Open Database of Blockchain as the owner 

 In order to buy it the holder needs to have a crypto wallet such as Metamask and be familiar to its operation as well as the appropriate care to dealing with cryptocurrency

The team of CacaoShares will not be available to provide specific orientation about how to interact with the NFT and the wallets.

The only point of contact and issuance for the Chocolate NFT is the official URL and wallet

Please remember to never share your private keys to anyone

Polygon (Matic) mochi
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