Cacao is grown in Tropical countries.
Along the Cocoa Belt

However, Cacao species are under
threat of devastation thanks to warmer temperatures
 and dryer weather conditions.

There is Scientific  consensus that Cacao species (Theobroma Cacao) Originated in Venezuela.  Making it the most biodiverse in the world

While some large Corporations bet to make Cacao a GMO, we aim at rescuing Cacao Varieties directly at its source


Invest in Specialty Cacao

We provide a platform backed by real farmland and smartcontracts in the Ethereum Network

We invest in Technology for traceability as well as in Human development


Our Cacao Patanemo, single farm and Single Origin is highly regarded by Chocolate makers in Japan

There are different models to participate, as investment in our campaigns to develop Cacao Plantations or to donate  shade trees that contribute to the balance in the agroforestry system

We have conducted successfully 2 campaigns in the Japanese Crowdfunding sites Camp-Fire and ReadyFor  raising support from more than Hundred  Environmental and Chocolate supporters

It is more than planting trees. Cacao with FairTrade creates livelihood and with education, technology, empowers communities. We are commited to sustainability

Benefits of Participating

Enroll To Cacaoshares by Buying tree sensors

Each Token will be pegged to one Tree

Obtain yearly rewards for your Cacao

Measure and preserve the Rainforest

Patanemo is a town and bay located in the Carabobo State of Central Venezuela.

At about 400 meters above the sea level It has the Productive Unit La Ceiba, right next to The San Esteban National Park, connecting to the western Venezuela Mountain range

Technology precision Agriculture

CacaoShares Technology

Our team has invested and created an innovation called Tree Manager which is a combination of RFID sensors with a patented design to help identify and characterize Cacao Trees 

Tree Manager together with customized Weather stations and a specialized web daschboard enable our team to produce reports that are tailored to the needs of the farmers as well as informative for the field experts

The above ultimately makes a better experience for consumers


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